Thursday 11 May
16.00 – 0.00 hrs


Locatie: KOE-veld (voor Auditorium)

A few years ago some music loving students decided to organize a festival and BAMMMMM: a few years later it’s one of the best free music festivals in Eindhoven. We’re talking about Plugged, of course. Young, talented artists, good weather (this has already been arranged), free entrance and (here ends the free and starts the cheap part) beer, resulting in an amazing ambiance and a great festival.

In the past, Plugged has seen acts like Lookapony, Tamarin Desert, Grim Tim, MOOON and Caïro Liberation Front. And oh yeah: for the first time in its history there will now be two stages for you to enjoy all the musical goodies. Studium Generale will host one stage, with an emphasis on student bands.

Get prepped to get plugged.


Free admission