Wo 21 november
11.45 – 13.00 uur

Higgs — into the heart of imagination

Locatie: Filmhuis de Zwarte Doos

Written & directed by Hannie van den Bergh en Jan van den Berg

Higgs — into the heart of imagination is a highly topical documentary about the quest for the Higgs particle at CERN, the world’s biggest scientific experiment. The film follows the Dutch research team at CERN, headed by professor Stan Bentvelsen, and contains most exclusive footage of Peter Higgs.

On 4 July 2012 the CERN directorate announced that they had found the so-called Higgs particle, the 'missing link' in particle physics. The British scientist Peter Higgs, who—in July 1964—predicted its existence, responded to the announcement with tears in his eyes. “To me it's, really, an incredible thing that it's happened in my life time."
Over the course of six years, the filmmakers followed Professor Stan Bentvelsen and his team as they prepare for the start of the experiment, the first set back and the final euphoria. Meanwhile, international scientists explain what a Higgs particle really is. And

Peter Higgs, the British physicist whom the particle is named after, talks about how he made his pioneering discovery back in 1964. But above all the film is a tribute to the passion, the dedication and the imaginative power that are so characteristic of fundamental science.

The film was awarded the Grand Prix 2012 at the Film & Science Festival Amsterdam.

Written & directed by: Hannie van den Bergh en Jan van den Berg
Camera: Sander Snoep, Stef Tijdink, Rogier Timmermans en Stijn van Santen
Soundrecording: Carla van der Meijs Gideon Bijlsma, Jacq Vleeshouwers en Jaap Sijben
Original music: Jacq Palinckx
Editing: Ben de Loenen, Rienk Leendertse, Dick Peterse
Produced by: Viewpoint Productions | Human STG THEATER