Wednesday 16 March
20.00 -22.30 p.m.

Glamour, poverty and tango

Spreker: Kees Elenbaas

Locatie: Gaslab

Argentina Night

Buenos Aires is called ‘the Paris of Latin-America’. On the one hand it’s a city of glamour and luxury, on the other hand a lot of people live in slums. Life in this capital doesn’t stand alone but is - in a way - representative for the whole country. Argentina aims to be a modern society but carries the marks of a long history of dictatorship and poverty.

Kees Elenbaas worked as a correspondent in Argentina and Latin-America for a long time . He wrote a book about Buenos Aires “Waar niets is wat het lijkt” (“where nothing is what is seems”)

Tango is the ultimate expression of the Argentinian spirit. Tonight you will learn the principles of this dance and the evening will end with a demonstration of Ilja Bitterling and Marian Breedveld ( MiTango  Eindhoven)[]