SG & USE: Mandatory SG activities as part of the Bachelor College

My registered SG programs*
*on TU/e campus or elsewhere with VPN

Did you start your Bachelor College in the autumn of 2014 or later? If so, then participating in activities of Studium Generale (SG) is a mandatory part of your Bachelor program.

Students who started in September 2014 and plan to graduate this summer, need to have registered 5 SG USE programs before the summer. The SG program runs till mid June 2017.

SG programs are an integral part of the Bachelor program for students who started the Bachelor College in the autumn of 2014. You are required to attend at least 5 activities bearing the USE logo; for administrative purposes this is connected to the USE Learning Trajectory you are following from the 2nd year onwards. There will be no exams regarding SG programs, but attending 5 programs is a prerequisite for completing your USE project phase.

Please note: students who started the Bachelor College in 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 are not required to attend SG programs as part of their curriculum and will not receive a rating.


SG & Minor Academic Education                                         

Students who started their Bachelor before the academic year 2012-2013, the EC Acedemic Education still applies. As off the academic year 2015-2016 Studium Generale no longer offers EC lectures. Students who still need their EC Academic Education as a part of their minor, need to contact Tijn Borghuis a.s.a.p. (v.a.j.borghuis@tue.nl).


Register your attendance

SG provides activities the entire academic year (by quartile). Note that you can start to follow SG activities at any given time.
You can register your attendance with your student card before the start of the program. Don't be late: scanning takes place prior to the start of the program. If you miss that moment, you won't have another chance to register your presence.

Click on the button on the top of the page for a list of the activities for which you have registered your attendance. You can only view this list when you are on the TU/e campus or using the VPN client.

If you cannot see your registration after two weeks, please contact Studium Generale. You shouldn't do this no more than one month after the lecture or workshop concerned. Don't forget to mention your student ID number in your correspondence.

For any questions related the Bachelor College and USE Learning Trajectory please contact your study advisor. For questions about the program of Studium Generale please contact Studium Generale, Auditorium office 2.02, tel. 040 247 4900.

The program of Studium Generale is organized and provided periodically (per quartile).


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