Thursday May 7
20.30 – 22.30 hrs

A Night @ the Opera

Location: Gaslab


Let’s face it: opera is not an art form you have daily dealings with. Well, time for a change! During this evening you will learn more about this form of art, participate in an opera quiz, join a sing-along AND be able to enjoy a mini-opera of half an hour called ‘The Telephone’.

Stichting Haagse Passie is the organizer of this new way of experiencing opera: casual fun with the most beautiful opera pieces. The Opera Quizzz is meant as a challenge for everyone who loves opera and also just a fun way of getting to know this art form. Opera connoisseur Gerard Legeland is the quizmaster and guides the contestants through the ins and outs of opera, including existing prejudices.

Dutch soprano Merel van Geest and Canadian baritone Mark Gough will sing fragments of opera pieces and will perform The Telephone by Menotti: a 20-minute opera about Ben and Lucy who are experiencing some communication problems. Wim de Voogd will accompany them on piano.

Crash course in opera: yep, another bucket list item on your homo universalis education to be ticked off.

Entrance fee: students free, others 5 euro
Tickets available